Leading with authentic character

Intentions however are not enough if they are not followed through. There is great value inliving and embracing a noble character that drives individuals to persevere and have impacton the wellbeing of societies. It takes great character traits like discipline and integrity topersist through the responsibility of holistic system thinking. It takes great character traitslike… Continue reading Leading with authentic character

Persistent system thinking is key

The government machinery is durable and stable, bringing in a two-fold challenge that maybe unique to the public sector. One, many policies, programs and services have existed for along time without being holistically analysed for fit within the other elements of the largersystem. Two, there are – especially with the rise of the innovation tide… Continue reading Persistent system thinking is key

Substance vs style: the magic is in the balance

Nowadays, the public sector is faced with an interesting paradox. Rich, valuable and worthyideas and initiatives don’t enjoy enough buy-in and visibility. Comparatively, non-substantialbut shiny, well-presented thoughts are the first ones to secure resources, buy-in and The core values support. Professionals in all fields: doctors, engineers, nurses, accountants and legaladvisors have conviction in their ideas,… Continue reading Substance vs style: the magic is in the balance

“Right first time” is almost impossible all the time

There is no doubt that enforcing a “right first time” mentality to encourage thedevelopment of cost-effective quality products has consistently resulted in competitiveproduction practices in the manufacturing industry for many years. However, the samethinking, when applied to the public sector, presents critical challenges. The introduction ofa new policy, program or service is seldom a linear… Continue reading “Right first time” is almost impossible all the time

Learning not measurement

The widespread obsession with quantitative measures as the only indicator of success hasmultiple real problems. It pushes people to discard the important qualitative inputs theyreceive from customers or hear from employees everyday. It encourages a mentality ofquantity over quality that can unintentionally and counterproductively create an impersonaland unsympathetic environment in a machinery that is set… Continue reading Learning not measurement

Customers are not always right, but being human-centered is

While the public sector may have proudly borrowed the “customer is always right” line fromthe private sector, this doesn’t always hold true for government services. Mistakes from thecustomer’s side happen all the time, sometimes accidently and sometimes due to varyingpersonal feelings and motivations. Many people are late in paying their bills, taxes and finesdespite constant… Continue reading Customers are not always right, but being human-centered is

The power of pure intentions

The path to making a genuine positive difference in the public sector is paved with goodintention. As the sole providers of public services, governments have the uniqueresponsibility of ensuring the wellbeing of the broadest possible range of customersegments – their citizens. Policies, regulations, and programs must always seek to keep thebest interests of the public… Continue reading The power of pure intentions