The power of pure intentions

The path to making a genuine positive difference in the public sector is paved with good
intention. As the sole providers of public services, governments have the unique
responsibility of ensuring the wellbeing of the broadest possible range of customer
segments – their citizens. Policies, regulations, and programs must always seek to keep the
best interests of the public in mind, with an appreciation for diversity and equality. The core
of maintaining good intentions lies in a combination of relationships and accountability.
Firstly, the government should always keep its finger on the pulse of what its citizens are
feeling, experiencing, and thinking. Only then can they empathise with its various segments
to formulate intentions based on what citizens really need. Secondly, failing to deliver on
this value should have real-world consequences, thereby helping deter malicious conduct
and ‘under-the-table’ practices. However, sometimes even good intentions do not manifest
as planned. This is why it is important to balance noble causes with a dose of research and
practicality – to ensure aspirations are achievable and do not have any unintended
consequences, thereby ensuring that they lead to the positive outcome that is desired.

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