Persistent system thinking is key

The government machinery is durable and stable, bringing in a two-fold challenge that may
be unique to the public sector. One, many policies, programs and services have existed for a
long time without being holistically analysed for fit within the other elements of the larger
system. Two, there are – especially with the rise of the innovation tide – many new
programs and services that have been easily introduced and continue to operate in a
vacuum for many years, without enough reflection on how they impact other elements of
the wider organisational system. A conscious effort for alignment with other important
system components is extremely critical, including overall mission and direction, resources,
people, capabilities, other change programs as well as strategic and cross-departmental
metrics. Persistence in applying a holistic system thinking mentality may not appeal as the
newer, fancier, and glamorous principle but it remains a cornerstone for CX practice,
especially in the public sector where resources are scanter than ever and there is a push to
do more for less.

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