Change requires pioneering partners

To elevate the CX game in the public sector, we need new types of players. Change needs to
be led by daring pioneers from within, as well as unbiased pioneers from the broader
community including other parts of the government (local, federal, central), private sector,
social sector as well as academia.
Solutions in the public sector are hardly ever ready-made. Each context has its own settings,
each problem has a unique story, and each team has its own dynamics. There is no one-sizefits all. Partnering with a technology provider that ends up buying the newest technological
advancement is not necessarily the right approach, even with the advertised promise that

The core values

technology companies can help cities achieve greater impact. The public sector needs to
establish new rules for cross-sector pioneering partnerships. Rules that allow and demand
partners to invest, co-create, experiment, prototype, learn, and adjust to suit the specific
needs of the public sector. To be successful, these pioneering partnerships need to be open
and include representations from different perspectives on the issues addressed. They must
have shared goals, and commitments to putting peoples’ interests at the center of any

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